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JYJ Countdown: D-20

Woohoo! As of tomorrow, my # of days to countdown will start with a 1 instead of a 2. ^_^

In celebration, I give you a 2 for 1 deal (or as they call it here in Korea, 1 plus 1). This video returns us to A-Nation 2010 in Japan, where JYJ performed Get Ready, a fun, upbeat danceable song, and The Long Way, a pretty little mid-tempo number that I fell for the very first time I heard it.

I love Yoochun’s voice in Long Way; it’s got such a pretty quality to it. I think, because he is in a group with two vocal powerhouses like Junsu and Jaejoong, people tend to overlook Yoochun’s vocal abilities, and that’s a shame, because the boy has some serious singing chops.

Overall, I really love JYJ singing in Japanese. If their tour brings them to Japan, I hope it’s on a weekend that I can fly over to see it. And I hope I can somehow manage to get tickets for it too. From all accounts, the ticketing process in Japan is not exactly user-friendly…

JYJ Countdown: D-25

On this the day that marks 25 sleeps until I see JYJ in concert, I want to take a trip to Japan, and bring you some of the songs from the first album they released as a trio. The album is called The, and JYJ weren’t even JYJ yet. They were simply referred to as Junsu, Jejung, Yuchun.

Tonight, I bring you いつだって君に (Always with you).  It’s such a pretty song… Jaejoong’s voice as it starts is just so beautiful and clear. All 3 of them sound great, but Jae’s introductory vocals just flow over you like silk gliding across your skin.

I have to apologize. The version I wanted to share was of their performance at A-Nation 2010, because that whole show is just wonderful to watch, but all the videos of it that I found had the sound removed for copyright infringement. This video shows scenes from that show (the ones where they’re actually singing) interspersed with scenes from their Thanksgiving Live in Dome Concert. It’s still good, but it isn’t the one I wanted to share…

On the up side, if you can speak Spanish, there’s translated lyrics right there for ya. 😉

JYJ Countdown: D-26

Before I post my JYJ awesomeness of the day, I have to share something else that is also awesome. My day started off with some of my students wishing me a happy birthday for yesterday. This was extra nice, because it means they remembered this fact from over 2 months ago when we did a lesson on dates and occasions. ^_^ And then, after lunch, I got a super wonderful and sweet gift from one of my most thoughtful grade 6 students: a Happy Birthday letter written in both English and Korean, because she knows I want to learn more Korean. This seriously makes me misty-eyed. You can check it out on my Instagram if you want…

Is she awesome or what? Love that kid, seriously. ❤

So, to continue with awesome things, I think we need to check out JYJ performing Empty (another English song), live in Vancouver in 2011. There are quite a few videos of the guys performing this song on YouTube, but this is one of my favourites… it may or may not have to do with the pelvic thrust move that they do when they sing ‘So I’ll deny my heart, cuz I won’t live a lie…”

What? Like you wouldn’t enjoy the same thing from your favourite group? Whatevs.

Anyway, here it is, check it out:

Ahhh JYJ. You never fail at making my day just a little bit brighter. ❤

Block B – so friggin amazing live!

This weekend, my friend and I went to see Block B in concert. It was friggin’ amazing! They put on such a fun, high-energy show and I didn’t want it to end. All of the members were so impressive.
Zico is just… mind-blowingly talented, and hella hot. Seriously, that man. And on top of that, he’s such a sweet and cool guy. U-Kwon moves in ways that just make me all melty inside. He’s got amazing stage presence and that smile in person is eve more freaking amazing than in pics and videos. It lights up the whole arena. Those two solidified their places in my heart big time. B-bomb displayed the most amazing personality. I knew I liked his personality from variety/reality shows, but when you see that come out in person, it’s even more amazing and awesome to experience. Taeil has some serious singing chops. Man, his voice. Kyung is just all kinds of adorable. I appreciate him much more now that I’ve seen them live than I ever did before. Jaehyo was as cool and sexy as I expected, and PO impressed me with his stage presence.

Overall, it was a concert that was well worth seeing. I just wish I had an official light stick. They weren’t available when I went to buy one, so I had to settle for one of the fake cheapo ones from the ahjummas and ahjussis who set up tables of unofficial merch outside the venue. Next time, though, I’m gonna have me one of those beehives!

What he said.


Jodie-FosterI love Jodie Foster.

Some people quote the Bible, or lines from their favourite books, or lyrics from a song. I quote Silence of the Lambs. I mean, just the sight of sunblock has me screaming “it rubs the lotion on its skin and puts it in the basket!” I’ve followed Jodie’s career most of my life, and along with cheering all her amazing accomplishments, in roles like my beloved Silence, Taxi Driver, The Hotel New Hampshire, and the Accused to name a few, I’ve forgiven her for the seemingly unforgiveable, like continuing to hire Mel Gibson when no one else would touch his racist, homophobic, misogynistic ass, and for Panic Room, a movie I actually liked but one that will forever be marred for inflicting the wooden depths of Kristen Stewart’s “acting chops” upon an unsuspecting world. So as I watched her rather mesmerizing speech at the Golden Globe…

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Exciting news! I’m going to try to head to NYC and LA. Who else is going?


Kim Junsu’s upcoming concert tour dates and venues in the Americas have been confirmed!

Kim Junsu will kick off his world tour on August 30 at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom where JYJ also held its showcase in back in 2010. The venue has also been used in the past by famous musicians such as P.Diddy, Nicki Minaj, Nas and others.

Kim Junsu will then hold a concert at L.A.’s Hollywood Palladium on September 2 before moving on to Mexico City’s Blackberry Auditorium on September 6, Brazil’s Sao Paolo’s Espacio Victory on September 8 and capping things off at Chile’s Santiago’s Teatro Caupolica on September 10.

A staff on the South American concert preparations shared, “Kim Junsu’s world tour news is already causing a fervor among fans here. Though we know economically or profit-wise the South America tour is not as appealing, we believe after the concerts, a positive effect will…

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