I’m a music lover, pop culture junkie, travel-addict and sci-fi/anime nerd and Kpop fangirl.  I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but moved to Korea back in 2013. I lived for 2 years in the not-so bustling metropolis of Chungju, but have now returned to my city girl ways and am living in Seoul.

So, before you read my posts, here’s some stuff about me:

Things I Love:

 Kpop – This blog is named after one of DBSK’s songs, Purple Line. DBSK were my Kpop gateway. I love them. No matter what other groups I discover and fall in love with, I’ll always be a Cassie.

Music in general – I am a concert junkie. Some of my repeat offenders include: Foo Fighters, Depeche Mode, The Killers, Justin Timberlake, Mumford & Sons, Adele, etc. Now that I’m in Korea, I mainly go to Kpop concerts (I’ve been to over 100 of them since I arrived), but I do have plans to see both Gorillaz and Foo Fighters this summer (2017).

J-dramas and K-dramas –  I tend to enjoy them more than I watch North American TV. They’re much more my style, in that they have a beginning, middle and end and don’t drag on for 7 or more seasons, long after they’ve jumped the shark. Most are between 12 and 20 episodes long and that’s it. I’ve been sadly remiss in watching them lately, but I do still love them.

Manga and Anime – Some of my faves are: Bleach, Naruto, Gintama Attack on Titan, Yuri on Ice, Death Note, Durarara!, and Blue Exorcist.

Harry Potter – both the books and the movies, but mostly the books.

Books in general – I love Jane Austen, Terry Pratchett, JRR Tolkien, George RR Martin, Stephen King, Ben Elton, Douglas Coupland, and I think Marion Keys writes some of the best chick lit there is.

Delicious foods – Especially baked goods and spicy food. Sometimes I write about eating them, sometimes I write about attempting to make them. I often post food pics on my Instagram if you wanna check that out.

Beautiful men – What? Like that’s a bad thing?

Travelling –  I’ve travelled all over Canada and the US, lived in Australia, visited the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, and Japan (a few times – I really love Japan, so I sometimes forego opportunities to visit other places in Asia just to go to Japan again.) Anyway, I haven’t been to nearly enough places in the world, but hopefully I’ll be able to keep crossing off countries from my To Visit list.

Things I Don’t Love:

There’s lots, but rather than put negative stuff in this About Me page, I’ll just let you discover my dislikes when I make ranty posts about them. 😉


Okay, that’s me in a nutshell. If you’re reading this blog, I’d love to learn more about you! Why not leave a comment on this post with your own list?

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