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JYJ Countdown: D-26

Before I post my JYJ awesomeness of the day, I have to share something else that is also awesome. My day started off with some of my students wishing me a happy birthday for yesterday. This was extra nice, because it means they remembered this fact from over 2 months ago when we did a lesson on dates and occasions. ^_^ And then, after lunch, I got a super wonderful and sweet gift from one of my most thoughtful grade 6 students: a Happy Birthday letter written in both English and Korean, because she knows I want to learn more Korean. This seriously makes me misty-eyed. You can check it out on my Instagram if you want…

Is she awesome or what? Love that kid, seriously. ❀

So, to continue with awesome things, I think we need to check out JYJ performing Empty (another English song), live in Vancouver in 2011. There are quite a few videos of the guys performing this song on YouTube, but this is one of my favourites… it may or may not have to do with the pelvic thrust move that they do when they sing ‘So I’ll deny my heart, cuz I won’t live a lie…”

What? Like you wouldn’t enjoy the same thing from your favourite group? Whatevs.

Anyway, here it is, check it out:

Ahhh JYJ. You never fail at making my day just a little bit brighter. ❀

JYJ countdown: D-27

Today was my birthday, but since it’s a Sunday, I celebrated it last night instead, so I’d have a recovery day. πŸ™‚ I went out with a bunch of friends in Chungju and had dinner (BBQ in a place set up like you’re camping-kinda kitschy but cute, and delicious). Then we went for drinks at a place that serves a watermelon soju cocktail in a hollowed out half watermelon. More deliciousness. Afterward, we went across the hall from the place we were at to the λ…Έλž˜λ°© (Karaoke room) and sang for a few hours. So, basically, I celebrated my birthday the same way I did for the past few years, except on the other side of the planet, with a different set of friends. (Hey, I like what I like…)

λ…Έλž˜λ°© was fun, particularly since I had some fellow Kpop fans there, so we sang CN Blue, 2NE1, GD and an entire set of JYJ. πŸ™‚ One of the songs we sang was an English song of JYJ’s called Be My Girl. I love that song; their voices sound so good in it! They have an uptempo remix of it, which I also like, but my favourite version is the original. Slow and R&Bish, and when they perform it live, Junsu does this sexy little dance where he gyrates his hips while singing the chorus of “You should be my baby, baby, baby, baby…” Seriously, watch the video of them performing live, and check out how enthusiastically Junsu dances (and how even more enthusiastically the crowd responds to it.)

The man is just made of sexniess, I tell you… Pure, raw sexiness. And yes, I KNOW I’m biased, but I don’t care. It’s performances like this that made me so heavily Junsu-biased. The man is crazy talented. His voice is amazing, and he’s one of my very favourite dancers in all of Kpop.

Jaejoong and Yoochun do a great job with this song too, but I’m going to admit that as much as I love them, I have to actively make myself pry my eyes off of Junsu to notice either of them when they perform this song.