Block B – so friggin amazing live!

This weekend, my friend and I went to see Block B in concert. It was friggin’ amazing! They put on such a fun, high-energy show and I didn’t want it to end. All of the members were so impressive.
Zico is just… mind-blowingly talented, and hella hot. Seriously, that man. And on top of that, he’s such a sweet and cool guy. U-Kwon moves in ways that just make me all melty inside. He’s got amazing stage presence and that smile in person is eve more freaking amazing than in pics and videos. It lights up the whole arena. Those two solidified their places in my heart big time. B-bomb displayed the most amazing personality. I knew I liked his personality from variety/reality shows, but when you see that come out in person, it’s even more amazing and awesome to experience. Taeil has some serious singing chops. Man, his voice. Kyung is just all kinds of adorable. I appreciate him much more now that I’ve seen them live than I ever did before. Jaehyo was as cool and sexy as I expected, and PO impressed me with his stage presence.

Overall, it was a concert that was well worth seeing. I just wish I had an official light stick. They weren’t available when I went to buy one, so I had to settle for one of the fake cheapo ones from the ahjummas and ahjussis who set up tables of unofficial merch outside the venue. Next time, though, I’m gonna have me one of those beehives!

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